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My name is Christina Dorschner and I am the owner/founder of Anima Christi Cleaning Services. Anima Christi is locally owned and operated. While the use of the old adage, "cleanliness is next to Godliness" might be a bit of a hyperbole when it comes to the appearance of your office building or home, I do believe that a clean space makes a strong, positive statement while, additionally, promoting efficiency, productivity, and providing you with a sense of pride in where you work or live.

How embarrassing and unprofessional is it to have a client, associate, friend, or family member visit you at work only to experience smudges on the entryway glass, dust laden counter tops, and the last remaining tatters of toilet paper clinging to the roll in the bathroom? You need to trust that your cleaning company will represent your company’s work ethic and professionalism.

Furthermore, because cleaners have access to the inside of your building, it is important that you trust them as people. That is why every Anima Christi employee has a clean background check on file. It is my promise that my staff will conduct themselves with the utmost integrity while inside your building. In order to really trust someone, you need to get to know them personally – do you not?

With that said, let me tell you a little about myself. I have over 20 years experience in the construction industry as a construction superintendent of multi-million dollar commercial construction projects specifically in the healthcare and hotel industry.
I worked closely with AHCA inspectors, DPBR and other city and country inspectors. With my background in the hotel and service industry I have a great eye for detail.


As superintendent, I was in charge of overseeing all of the construction activities including the daily and final cleaning of projects.  During this time, I noticed there was a need for quality cleaning companies in the Central Florida area who take pride in their work and that supply quality, dependable cleaners, so in 2012 I made the decision to form Anima Christi Cleaning Services.


Although it is most certainly our job to provide you and your employees with a clean workplace (which we are very good at doing), it is my personal mission as a local small business owner to actively participate in developing a culture that promotes and supports fellow small business owners within our community – for we are the individuals who make up the community; if we do not support one another, who will?

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Anima Christi Cleaning and those of us behind the development of our company.

Enjoy the rest of your day,
Christina Dorschner

"We’re already a part of your community – let’s get to know each other"

Why Choose Anima Christi Cleaning?

Anima Christi Cleaning ADVANTAGE
Anima Christi Cleaning is a quality-oriented company with a passion for doing things right the first time. We do not subcontract our work, ensuring that every employee at every level is committed to providing you with quality service. Our staff and vendors are always uniformed, courteous and professional. In addition, local managers and experts know your buildings and facilities, giving them flexibility and knowledge to act quickly and efficiently no matter what you need — or when you need it.

Our Staff

Our success in hiring the very best available workforce comes from our people-oriented human resources personnel. We provide the highest entry level wages, a continuous and comprehensive training program for all employees, and offer advancement opportunities for those individuals who are genuinely suited to our industry. The benefit to you is that we are able to attract and retain qualified employees who are at the top of the labor market—who really care about providing a high level of service.

All of our employees undergo extensive background checks prior to employment. 


Christina Dorschner

Responsibility: Setting strategy and vision.


Nadia Lazzano

Nadia is  the President of the Northern and Eastern Divisions.


Nadia has worked in healthcare for twelve  years. As supervisor of the Operating Room's Central Sterile Processing Department, her knowledge and attention to detail regarding infection control is essential to providing a clean and healthy environment for your patients and staff. Her experience in this specialized area is paramount  to our mission to provide outstanding client services in your facility. 

Beki Reyes

Beki is the COO in charge of the daily operations and heads the Health Care sector for Central Florida and is in charge of the environmental health and safety divisions.


Beki has worked in the Operating Room as a Surgical Technologist for twenty-nine years. As she started her career scrubbing in free-standing outpatient surgery centers, she began to see the need for higher standards from outsourced janitorial services. This, paired with her knowledge of the requirements of the various licensing agencies associated with outpatient care, makes her a valuable resource to you in the maintenance of a healthy and aseptic environment for your patients and staff.


Anima Christi Cleaning